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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online and Off-Campus Education

To meet the need for flexibility, the university offers classes in a variety of formats and at several convenient locations. Students can opt to complete selected master’s degrees or a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership at centers close to their home or office. Alternatively, they can choose to take coursework online. Many of UHCL’s degree programs offer web-enhanced classes. Students and faculty can make use of the online environment to supplement traditional classes, decreasing the time students actually spend in the classroom.

Online and Off-Campus Education at UHCL facilitates and supports the delivery of UHCL courses, degrees and certificate programs, as defined by the UHCL catalog.

Course Delivery Formats

Online and Off-Campus Education is any instruction that takes place outside the UHCL campus classroom setting. University of Houston-Clear Lake offers the opportunity for students to supplement their on-campus coursework or even complete entire certificates or graduate degree programs through Distance Education. Classes offered through Online and Off-Campus Instruction are regular UHCL classes taught by UHCL faculty with the same prerequisites and requirements as classes taken on campus. Classes are offered in a variety of formats that provide options for students:

  • Online (Internet) - This format is delivered via the internet using Blackboard, a course management tool with all class instruction delivered and course requirements fulfilled online. No face-to-face interaction is required. Courses offered online provide an environment for flexible learning and teaching while delivering the same high-quality content as in a traditional setting. Some online courses require proctored exams. UHCL’s online classes are NOT open entrance/open exit or traditional correspondence courses. Although students are free to do their work online any time it fits into their weekly schedules, assignments are due as specified in the individual course syllabus.
  • Web-enhanced (Hybrid) - With this format, classroom instruction is delivered and course requirements are fulfilled via a combination of face-to-face instruction at the UHCL campus and off-campus sites and online. In a web-enhanced class, an instructor can deliver all instruction online but require students to attend mandatory orientation, class presentations, and in-class examinations. The number of face-to-face meetings is determined by the instructor and can be found on the footnotes for the class on the UHCL class schedule. The web-enhanced format is popular both on the UHCL campus and at the off-campus learning centers.
  • Off-campus courses - UHCL offers courses for selected graduate degree programs and certificates at off-campus learning centers. Courses at our off-campus learning centers may be offered in a traditional classroom, or as a web-enhanced class. UHCL is committed to using the most current instructional techniques to ensure comparable learning outcomes between coursework delivered in a traditional, web-enhanced or online format. 

UHCL is committed to using the most current instructional techniques to ensure comparable learning outcomes between course work delivered in a traditional, web-enhanced or online format. It is recommended that students have their own computer with access to the internet prior to registering for an online class. The university and off-campus centers have fully equipped computer labs that students may use.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are identical to those for students participating in degree programs on the UHCL campus. Students interested in participating in a distance education program must indicate so on the UHCL Application for Admissions. Program options at different off-campus locations and for master’s degrees offered online are listed on the application and in the catalog.

Schedule of Classes

Each semester, students can review course offerings via the online search engine on the UHCL website. See class schedule available online at www.uhcl.edu. To search for distance education courses, select the location of choice and/or instruction mode of delivery then search. The distance education class schedule can also be found at the DE website at www.uhcl.edu/disted.


Upon successful completion of the application process, students can register for classes online through E-Services. Tuition and fees can be paid by credit card or students can arrange to make installment payments. Students that register to take classes at an off-campus location must attend classes at that particular location.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

UHCL provides quick and easy access to financial aid and scholarship information to students at a distance. Eligibility for this assistance is the same as for on-campus students. All forms, a complete list of scholarships, timelines and instructions are available online at the Financial Aid website. Financial assistance is available to distance education students, as it would be for on-campus students. Please refer to www.uhcl.edu/finaid for more information.

Student Services

The Online and Off-Campus Education office has developed unique advising procedures to serve the needs of its students. Advisers are available to assist students via face-to-face appointments, telephone or email. Academic advising is available at each of our off-campus locations. To schedule an appointment, please email Disted@uhcl.edu or call 281-212-1615.

UHCL also provides student services to off-campus and online students. For assistance in accessing these services, call the Online and Off-Campus office at 281-212-1615 or the Student Enrollment Center at 281-283-2722. Examples of these services include:

  • Student photo IDs available at off-campus locations.
  • Academic advising for students in online programs.
  • Career exploration online and at the UHCL Pearland.
  • Online tutors in writing and specific content areas. Tutoring is also available at the UHCL Pearland and Texas Medical Center.
  • Online bookstore.
  • Online course support.
  • Online study skills assessment.
  • General university information, via email and phone from the Student Enrollment Center (SEC).
  • Online access to the student news publication, The Signal.
  • Disability services, available both online and off-campus.
  • Virtual Library services.
  • Counseling information available online and personal counseling available at the UHCL Pearland.

UHCL email is the official method of communication between the university and students. Students will receive official UHCL notifications (i.e. financial aid award packages) through their UHCL email accounts. Students are responsible for checking email regularly to ensure they receive important university information in a timely manner. Students who choose to use email addresses other than the one assigned to them by University of Houston-Clear Lake must log in to E-Services and forward their UHCL email to another valid email account to ensure access to important information and requests.

Online Programs and Certificates

All online programs and certificates offered by UHCL can be found at www.uhcl.edu/online.

Off-Campus Programs

Distance education off-campus sites in the greater Houston area are made possible by collaborative agreements with other educational institutions and school districts. Currently, UHCL provides courses through distance education at eight ISDs (Alief, Clear Creek, Dickinson, Fort Bend, Katy, Pasadena, Spring Branch and Texas City).

All off-campus programs offered by UHCL can be found at www.uhcl.edu/off-campus-education.