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General Information

Student Success and Initiatives Division

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  Academic Advising

University of Houston-Clear Lake is committed to providing the most appropriate and effective academic direction, assistance and support for all students. At UHCL, there are two types of advisers: transfer advisers and academic advisers. The Office of Transfer Advising offers assistance to all prospective students, and incoming transfer students who have earned more than 54 hours of college-level credit, by providing a variety of pre-admission services, as well as assistance with course selection prior to the first semester of enrollment. Similarly, the academic advisers housed in the Freshman and Sophomore Advising Center (FSAC), work with freshmen and sophomore students who have not yet completed 54 credits at time of admission. The center provides comprehensive services to help students through a period of discovery and transition by helping clarify personal and educational goals; selecting or confirming their major based on interest and skills; connecting students to available resources designed to ensure success at UHCL; and, assisting with the creation of an academic plan prior to the transition to college advisers.      

College academic advisers located within each individual college (Human Sciences and Humanities, Science and Engineering, Business, and Education), and off-campus academic advisers (located at the Texas Medical Center and Pearland Campus) provide additional assistance regarding specific degree requirements for new and continuing students who have earned more than 54 hours of college-level coursework. The relationship between students and advisers provides the opportunity to learn more about educational choices and objectives, degree requirements, academic policies and procedures, and university resources. When preparing for an adviser meeting, students should set goals and plan to ask questions, so that academic progress and ultimate attainment of the university degree can be achieved successfully.

What students can expect from advisers:

  • Adequate office hours and availability throughout the semester.
  • Assistance with registration and course selections.
  • Accurate information regarding degree requirements and degree plans.
  • Assistance with evaluation of syllabi/course descriptions to determine acceptable coursework.
  • Accurate audit of a Candidate Plan of Study (CPS), upon request, to determine the students' progress toward graduation.
  • Assistance identifying solutions to academic difficulties.
  • Helpful referral to other university resources for additional assistance
  • Appropriate confidentiality.
  • Respect, support and encouragement.

What is expected of students:

  • Attend New Student Orientation.
  • Learn who their advisers are and the location of the advising offices.
  • Contact adviser before deviating from any requirements specified on the prepared CPS.
  • Contact their adviser for assistance before the issue becomes urgent.
  • Keep informed of their academic progress and their CPS each semester.
  • Know the university and college requirements and policies that may affect them.
  • Learn and make use of all resources on campus.
  • Keep scheduled appointments.
  • Follow through on adviser recommendations.
  • Be responsible for planning course of study and fulfilling all requirements and procedures.
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for personal decisions and actions.
  • Respect and comply with deadlines and requests for needed academic documents.

Preparation for a meeting with an adviser:

  • Check to make sure the adviser will be available and make an appointment.
  • Bring a current degree plan.
  • Have a list of questions and/or concerns to promote judicious use of time.
  • Remind the adviser of previous discussions.

Advising Offices

Office Location Contact 
College of Business Bayou Building, 2111 281-283-3110
College of Education Bayou Building, 1231 281-283-3600
College of Human Sciences and Humanities Bayou Building, 1539 281-283-3333
College of Science and Engineering Bayou Building, 3611 281-283-3711
Freshman and Sophomore Advising Center (FSAC) Bayou Building, 1408 281-283-3087
Online and Off-Campus Education Pearland Campus, PL 145
Texas Medical Center, Rm. 117
Transfer Advising Student Services and Classroom Building, 1206 281-283-3068 

More information on Academic Advising can be found at: www.uhcl.edu/academics/advising.

  Disability Services

Disability Services provides institution-wide advisement, consultation, and training on disability-related topics, collaborates with partners to identify and remove barriers to foster an all-inclusive campus, and provides individual services and facilitates accommodations to students with disabilities. Disability Services promotes each student's learning experience by facilitating accessible programs and services for and fostering self-advocacy skills within students with disabilities. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, testing accommodations, alternative formats, assistive technologies, classroom access, and sign language interpreters. To be eligible for services, a student must submit the online application form, speak with a staff member about their disability, and provide appropriate documentation which validates their request.

For more Disability Services information, contact:

Phone 281-283-2648
Email disability@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/disability-services
Location SSCB 1302


  Freshman and Sophomore Advising (FSAC)

Our office advises students admitted as freshmen, sophomore, and first-time-in-college students. First-time-in-college students includes those with college credit earned prior to high school graduation through Advanced Placement (AP), dual credit, or early college programs.  Your assigned adviser is available to help you acclimate to college life at UHCL. During your first few semesters at UHCL, your adviser will help you choose a major, select classes, and research career paths.  We will also connect you with campus resources to get the most of your higher education experience, whether it's the Student Success Center, Career Services, Disability Services or Student Involvement and Leadership. You will have to meet with your adviser before you register for your first semester and at least two times each semester after until you achieve junior standing (completed 54 semester credit hours). Once you have earned your 54th credit, you will then be advised by your college adviser, specific to your major.

For more FSAC information, contact:

Phone 281-283-3087
Email Advisingcenter@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/academics/advising/academic
Location Bayou 1408


  Math Center

The Math Center provides private and drop-in tutoring services to students enrolled in math or physics courses. The center provides a fully equipped study space, with enough whiteboards and space to help you work and learn. In addition, the center also provides a program for first-generation students called "First to Succeed," STEM related events, and supplemental instruction.

Students wishing to use the center's services may do so from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. in Bayou 2127, or from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. in the STEM building study lounges.

For more Math Center information, contact:

Phone 281-283-2460
Email cox@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/math-center
Location Bayou 2127


  Online and Off-Campus Education

In order to accommodate today's demanding and evolving workforce, UHCL offers classes in a variety of formats and at several convenient locations. Students can opt to complete selected bachelor's or master's degrees or a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at centers close to their home or office. Alternatively, they can choose to take coursework online. Many of UHCL's degree programs offer web-enhanced classes. Students and faculty can benefit from the online environment by supplementing traditional classes and decreasing time spent in the classroom.

Online and Off-Campus Education at UHCL facilitates supports the delivery of UHCL courses, degrees and certificate programs as defined by the UHCL catalog.

For information regarding Online and Off-Campus Education for undergraduate students, see Undergraduate Information - Online and Off-Campus Education.

For information regarding Online and Off-Campus Education for graduate students, see Graduate Information - Online and Off-Campus Education.

For more Online and Off-Campus information, contact:

Phone 281-212-1615
Email disted@uhcl.edu
Web: Online Education www.uhcl.edu/academics/online
Web: Off-Campus Education www.uhcl.edu/academics/off-campus-education
Location SSCB 1302


  Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is a comprehensive academic resource for the UHCL student community, which includes peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching. The focus of the center is to help students enhance their academic skills in their current courses; whether, seeking remedial support, or needing assistance with maintaining good standing. Additionally, the Center helps students manage their daily responsibilities through personalized guidance in skills including effective study habits, and efficient time management.

The Student Success Center works cooperatively with the Writing Center, Math Center, Disability Services, Career Services, Counseling Services, academic departments, students, faculty and staff in an effort to maintain a strong consortium of resources aimed at increasing student success, retention and persistence. The Center is open and free of charge to all UHCL students.

For more Student Success Center information, contact:

Phone 281-212-2643
Email studentsuccesscenter@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/student-success-center
Location SSCB 3102


  Testing Center

The Testing Center is a student-centered and community-minded department that exists to provide a wide variety of testing services that assist students, staff and community in reaching their educational goals.

The Testing Center is accredited by the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and is a certified center for PearsonVue, Certiport, ETS, CASTLE, Kryterion, and CollegeBoard. The Center provides a quiet, secure environment with welcoming staff and fast check-in/check-out processes to ensure the testers are able to focus entirely on their testing experience. For a complete list offered tests please refer to the testing center website below.

For more Testing Center information, contact:

Phone 281-212-3080
Email uhcltesting@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/testing
Location Bayou 1408


  Transfer Advising

UHCL is committed to providing transfer students with a seamless transition between their former academic institution(s) and UHCL. Transfer advisers provide individualized advising to students and ensure they are selecting the right courses at their current community college or university for a hassle-free transition to UHCL in the near future.

The transfer advisers are dedicated to assisting newly admitted transfer students throughout the initial enrollment process as well. In an effort to promote and foster an environment of academic success, UHCL has implemented a mandatory Transfer Advising Program (TAP).

All new transfer students with 54 or more hours must attend an advising session as part of the TAP, ensuring a strong start to their academic journey here. The academic transfer advisers work collaboratively with new students to develop a realistic course load, and recommend appropriate classes for the student's chosen major in the initial semester. Students are then seamlessly transitioned from the transfer adviser to the college adviser of their chosen major.

For more Transfer Advising information, contact:

Phone 281-283-3068
Email transfer@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/transfer-advising 
Location SSCB 1206


  Writing Center

In the Writing Center, students, faculty, staff, and alumni can work with trained tutors on their writing projects. Tutors collaborate with writers as they analyze assignments and audiences, revise documents by clarifying ideas and structure, and learn stylistic conventions and editing strategies. The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring both face-to-face and online on UHCL's Clear Lake and Pearland campuses, as well as a variety of writing-related workshops, tip sheets, and other resources.

For more Writing Center information, contact the Writing Center:

Phone 281-212-2910
Email writingcenter@uhcl.edu
Web www.uhcl.edu/writing-center 
Location SSCB 2105