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Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Physics Candidacy Certificate

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Students completing the candidacy requirements for the Collaborative UHCL/UH Physics Ph.D. Program are eligible to receive a physics candidacy certificate. This certificate can be awarded to students independently of the Physics Master's degree. A student pursuing a certificate has the option of switching to the Physics M.S. degree program at anytime during his/her enrollment in the certificate program and can apply all physics coursework taken towards the certificate to the M.S. degree. Qualified students pursuing the Physics M.S. degree have the option of applying for the certificate once the candidacy requirements are satisfied. This certificate does not imply any acceptance into the UH Ph.D. program or the successful completion of all Ph.D. candidacy requirements and is used primarily at UHCL to monitor the progress of students working towards the Physics Ph.D. through our Collaborative Physics Ph.D. program.