Graduate Catalog 2020-2021

Software Engineering Certificate

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The admission requirements for the certificate program are as follows:

  • bachelor's degree in any field
  • A course in computer programming or related work experience
  • undergraduate GPA of 2.9 or greater

The GRE is not required for the certificate since the certificate program is considered a non-degree seeking program. To earn the certificate, the four-course set must be completed within a four-year time limit; please note the certificate adheres to standard university policy on continuous enrollment. Students who complete the certificate with a B- or better in all four certificate courses meet the foundation requirements for acceptance into the SWEN M.S. and the 12 hours of completed certificate courses will fulfill 12 hours of the 30 hours required for the SWEN M.S. degree. Students will need to make application to the SWEN M.S. program if they wish to complete the M.S. degree after certificate completion.


Required Courses
SWEN 5236 Engineering Software I
Credit Hours: 3
SWEN 5237 Engineering Software II
Credit Hours: 3
SWEN 4320 Introduction to Software Process and Project Management
Credit Hours: 3
SWEN 4346 Software Testing
Credit Hours: 3