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Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

History M.A.

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The graduate program in History leads to the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree. Students may enroll with degrees from other fields, although undergraduate training in History is desirable.

Degree Requirements

All students seeking the Master of Arts degree in History must complete HIST 5031 in the first 12 hours of course work. This course is offered in the fall semester only. Students must also take at least one course in each of the four regions that the program offers: Europe, Latin American, the Middle East, and the United States.

Master's degree candidates prepare a Candidate Program of Study (CPS) with the assistance and approval of a faculty adviser. All master's degree options must contain a minimum of 36 graduate semester credit hours. Only courses in which a grade of "B-" or better is earned may be applied toward any of the programs for a Master of Arts Degree in History; grades of "C+" or below are not acceptable.

Master's Degree Options

Master's theses and projects (Option 1 and 2 below) require continuous registration during each fall and spring semester until completion for a minimum of six hours. If students do not maintain continuous registration in the master's project or thesis, previously accumulated master's option credits will not count toward the master's degree. 

Option 1

The Master's Degree Option 1 requires a minimum of 36 graduate semester hours including six hours of master's thesis research and, at the discretion of the thesis adviser, an oral defense of the thesis.  

For the successful completion of master's degree Option 1, the Master's Thesis, students are expected to complete an original, extensive work of historical scholarship based on intensive research using primary source documents. The thesis must enhance understanding of a defined sub-field of History. Faculty approval for this capstone option is required.

Option 2

The Master's Degree Option 2 requires a minimum of 36 graduate semester hours including six hours of master's project research and, at the discretion of the project adviser, an oral examination upon completion of the project.

To complete master's degree Option 2, the Master's Project, students are expected to make contributions to the collection and organization of useful and important historical materials for an archive, library, historical society, or museum. Faculty approval for this capstone option is required. 

Option 3

The Master's Degree Option 3 requires a minimum of 36 graduate semester hours of coursework plus a written comprehensive examination in the last semester of coursework. Students must register for the zero credit-hour course HIST 6909 during the final semester of coursework for the degree. The exam will be based on two broad historical fields with reading lists to be developed by the examination committee. This is the default capstone option.