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Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Master of Arts in Teaching with Life Science 7-12 Certification

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The graduate plan in Teaching leads to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. Students completing this degree plan are eligible for Life Science 7-12 teacher certification. This degree consists of a minimum of 36-37 hours.

Students who meet the graduate admissions requirements to the College of Education (COE) (see Graduate Admissions Requirements) must meet additional requirements prior to being admitted to the MAT program. Each applicant must:

  • have a GPA of 2.750 over the last 60 hours; and
  • provide proof of achieving a passing score on the Life Science 7-12 state assessment.
Check prerequisites before enrolling in any course.
Required MAT Courses (24 hours)
LLLS 5531 Critical Reading and Thinking
Credit Hours: 3
SILC 6030 Foundations of Multicultural Education
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5030 Survey of Individual Differences
Credit Hours: 3
TCED 5030 Models of Teaching
Credit Hours: 3
TCED 5034 Management Strategies for Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Credit Hours: 3
TCED 5235 Science Methods for the Secondary Grades
Credit Hours: 3
TCED 5530 Adolescent Development and Curriculum
Credit Hours: 3
TCED 6031 Application of Technology in the Classroom
Credit Hours: 3
Electives (6 hours)
Select 6 hours of electives in consultation with academic adviser.
BIOL 4311 Ecology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 4344 Comparative Animal Physiology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 4345 Human Physiology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 4371 Cancer Biology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 5532 Coastal and Estuarine Ecology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 5534 Conservation Biology
BIOL 5535 Neotropical Rainforest Ecology
GEOL 5331 Advanced Environmental Geology
Credit Hours: 3
Other Course (0-1 hour)
TCED 5010 Professional Preparation Seminar
Credit Hours: 1

Additional Information

Students not passing the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility state assessment by the final semester of this plan must also enroll in and successfully complete this course.
Capstone Experience (6 hours)
TCED 6769 Clinical Teaching
Credit Hours: 3