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Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

Principal Standard EC- 12 Certificate for Students Holding a Master's Degree

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The Principal certificate plan consists of 27 hours of graduate coursework. Candidates for this certificate must complete the Administration Core (24 hours) and the Capstone Experience/Graduate Practicum (3 hours). Students will be eligible to register for the graduate practicum after they have successfully completed at least 15 hours of the plan and passed the Principal state exam. Students are reminded that the graduate practicum is only offered in the fall and spring semesters. A practicum application form must be completed and submitted by June 8 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester in order to enroll in ADSU 6739 Graduate Practicum.

In order to fulfill Principal certification requirements, students must successfully complete the 27 hours of coursework, have a valid Texas teaching certificate, two years of successful full-time classroom teaching in an approved accredited school, and pass the Principal state assessment and PASL.

Students who meet the graduate admissions requirements to the College of Education (COE) (see Graduate Admissions Requirements) must meet additional requirements prior to being admitted to the Principal Certification program. Each applicant must:

  • have a GPA of 2.750 over the last 60 hours;
  • provide proof of having a valid Texas teaching certificate; and
  • proved a letter of support from a school building administrator.

Check prerequisites before enrolling in any courses.

Certificate Requirements

Administration Core (24 hours)
ADSU 6030 Introduction to Educational Leadership
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6132 Curriculum
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6233 Principalship
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6235 Administration of Special Programs
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6437 School Law
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6533 Appraisal of Teaching
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6436 School Resource Management
Credit Hours: 3
ADSU 6638 The Principal and School Community Relations
Credit Hours: 3
Other Required Course (1 hour)

Additional Information

Successful completion is required prior to enrollment in ADSU 6739. Candidates passing the Principal state assessment prior to enrolling in ADSU 5010 will have this course waived. 
Capstone Experience (3 hours)
ADSU 6739 Graduate Practicum
Credit Hours: 3

Additional Information

Practicum application form must be completed and submitted by June 8 for fall semester and October 1 for spring semester in order to enroll in ADSU 6739. Students will be eligible to register for ADSU 6739 after they have completed at least 15 hours of the certificate and either earn a passing score on the Principal state assessment or successfully complete ADSU 5010.

All placement sites must have an approved UHCL Agreement of Affiliation on record with the Center for the Professional Development of Teachers office prior to beginning the practicum.