Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Biotechnology Certificate

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A student may work toward a certificate in Biotechnology, which requires the completion of at least seven biology laboratory courses at UHCL. Training in these laboratories will prepare students for careers in academic, industrial, biomedical, clinical, state/federal or environmental areas.

The certificate option targets students who are working toward or have already completed a B.S. degree and wish to add course work that will be focused on the Biotechnology field. Current UHCL students (degree-seeking B.S. or M.S. students or post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking students majoring in Biology, Environmental Science or Chemistry) who wish to participate in the certificate option must be in good academic standing, maintain a minimum 2.500 GPA in the laboratory courses and be advised by a faculty member in the Biology program. Students must have completed introductory biology (six hours), general chemistry (eight hours), organic chemistry (eight hours) and calculus as general pre-requisites. In addition, students must have completed or be currently enrolled in the following courses: Biochemistry, Cell Biology or Cell Physiology, Genetics, Animal/Human/Plant Physiology and Microbiology.

Certificate Requirements

A minimum of seven laboratory courses must be completed for the certificate in Biotechnology.

Required Courses
Complete the 3 courses listed.
BIOL 4252 Molecular Biology Laboratory
Credit Hours: 2
BIOL 4253 Laboratory for Biotechnology
Credit Hours: 2
BIOL 4254 Laboratory for Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Credit Hours: 2
 Additional Courses
Select at least 4 of the courses listed. Up to 6 hours total may be taken in Independent Study.
BIOL 4189 Independent Study in Biology
Credit Hours: 1
BIOL 4289 Independent Study in Biology
Credit Hours: 2
BIOL 4291 Laboratory Topics in Biology
Credit Hours: 2
BIOL 4355 Tissue Culture
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 4389 Independent Study in Biology
Credit Hours: 3
BIOL 4391 Selected Topics in the Biological Sciences
Credit Hours: 3