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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Behavioral Sciences - General M.A

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The graduate program in Behavioral Sciences leads to the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree. The plan is a vehicle for the advanced multidisciplinary study of human behavior. Students in Behavioral Sciences address problems from multiple perspectives, whether through a pre-developed concentration or an individually tailored degree. Students pursue this degree to learn about theories from different disciplines related to a specific problem, to identify methods from a variety of disciplines to investigate programs, and to participate in a capstone experience that examines a specific problem.


A minimum of twelve undergraduate upper-level hours in the Behavioral Sciences is required. If this requirement has not been met prior to admission, then such courses must be taken before beginning work toward the Master of Arts in Behavioral Sciences degree.

Degree Requirements (36 hours)

Grades of B- or better must be earned for at least 30 hours of coursework. Grades of C+ or below are not acceptable for these 30 hours. Grades of C are not acceptable for any classes.

Methods and Statistics Requirements (6 hours)

Capstone Requirements (6 hours)

Identified Concentration or Individualized Courses (24 hours)

Students must complete a concentration listed below or create an individualized plan of study. The concentration or the individual plan must be identified in the student’s Candidate Plan of Study (CPS).

Individualized plans must have the following characteristics: at least 12 credit hours must be drawn from a combination of courses from the following areas: BSCI, GEOG, PSYC, SOCI, CRCL, ANTH, and CRIM. Additionally, no more than 12 of these 24 hours of courses may be taken from one area.

Capstone Notes

Students wishing to complete a master’s option must submit a master’s option proposal. For the thesis or project, the proposal should be 3-6 pages in length. It should include a literature review with references and a statement of the proposed methodology for carrying out the thesis or project. Before registering for the thesis or project, students must have the approval of a faculty member who agrees to supervise the work. Faculty supervise work based on their availability and their ability to help students in an area. Before registering for an internship, students must apply through the internship coordinator and meet the required criteria, including a grade point average of 3.00 or better. The university reserves the right to deny admittance to or to remove a student from a specific internship.

Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration

Students may elect to have an identified concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. This concentration makes students eligible for the Women’s and Gender Studies certificate sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies program.


As part of this area of specialization students take at least 9 hours selected from the list below.
Additional Information

Students must take 3 hours of Women’s and Gender Studies classes from graduate-level courses in ARTS, HIST, HUMN, LITR, or PHIL.

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