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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, M.S.

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The plan in Chemistry leads to the Master of Science degree. Graduate students enrolled in the chemistry plan may choose from courses in all of the traditional areas of organic, analytical, physical and inorganic chemistry, as well as in the closely related fields of biochemistry and environmental chemistry. Students may pursue either a thesis option or a non-thesis (extended coursework) option.

The thesis option is strongly recommended for improving the competitiveness of our graduates in the current job market and in admission to the Ph.D. school.   Students in the thesis option will undertake thesis research. The non-thesis option substitutes thesis research with additional coursework.

It should be noted that the chemistry plan has received a Chemistry Departmental Research Grant from the Welch Foundation. This fund has been expended in support of the research efforts carried out by the plan’s faculty during the training of students. The chemistry plan also has endowments from the Zeon Chemicals Company and Petrotex.

All chemistry courses taken at UHCL more than one year prior to being admitted to the chemistry plan are subject to faculty review before being accepted for degree credit. The GRE score (verbal + quantitative) should be a minimum of 290 points, with a minimum quantitative score of 150 and an essay of 3.0 or above. Further information on the Master of Science in Chemistry plan is available from the University’s website.


Chemistry Admission Requirements

Students seeking the Master of Science degree in Chemistry must have completed, at minimum, the following courses with grades of C- or better.

Students who do not fully meet the admission requirements may be admitted provisionally. They will be required to take missing undergraduate courses during their first year with grades of C or better; such remedial courses will not count toward the graduate coursework.

Chemistry Basic Requirements

8 hours of General (Freshman) Chemistry I and II with laboratory11 hours of Organic Chemistry I and II with laboratory and Advanced Organic Chemistry12 hours of upper-level Chemistry courses in any of the following areas: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry.

Chemistry Core Requirements

Students must successfully complete 36 hours of graduate career chemistry courses, including15 hours of core courses and 6 hours of Research Project & Seminars or 9 hours in thesis option. All core requirements and chemistry electives must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Chemistry Core Requirements areas

(A minimum of three hours must come from each of the following)
Organic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry Extended Course Work Option

Under the extended course work option, a minimum of 36 hours of formal coursework must be completed: 15 hours of core requirements, 15 hours of approved electives listed below, and 6 hours of the two research courses (CHEM 6837  and CHEM 6838 ).

Chemistry Thesis Option

Under the thesis option, a minimum of 36 hours of formal course work must be completed: 15 hours of core requirements, 9 hours of approved electives, 6 hours in the two research courses (CHEM 6837  and CHEM 6838 ), and a minimum of 6 hours of master’s thesis research (CHEM 6939 ).

Specialization Requirements

Chemistry Program currently has specialization in: Petrochemical & Process Chemistry. Students in the specialization area must complete the required courses with a grade of C or better.

Specialization in Petrochemical and Process Chemistry

Required courses for Specialization in Petrochemical & Process Chemistry

In addition to the Master of Science Chemistry core requirements, the following courses must be selected

Elective Requirements (9-15 hours)

Students pursuing extended coursework option need 15 hours of approved or specialization electives. Students pursuing thesis option need 12 hours of approved or specialization electives.

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