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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fitness and Human Performance, B.S.

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Fitness and Human Performance, B.S. Degree Map  

The undergraduate major in Fitness and Human Performance leads to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Students in this course of study will prepare for careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic medicine, strength and conditioning, public health, exercise testing or exercise prescription. Although no specific prerequisite must be met prior to admission to the major, a background in biological and social sciences is strongly recommended. Students interested in the FHP concentrations in Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician’s Assistant, Pre-Occupational Therapy and Pre-Chiropractic must possess or acquire specific course requirements. (See the Pre-PT, Pre-PA, Pre-OT and Pre-DC concentration sections below for further information.)

University Core Requirements (42 hours)

Communication (6 hours)

Mathematics (3 hours)

Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Creative Arts (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

U.S. History (6 hours)

Government/Political Science (6 hours)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Additional Information

  • Lab class is recommended for Anatomy and Physiology. Students may request permission from the program to substitute other Biology, Physics, or Chemistry classes for the life sciences requirement.
  • PSYC 2301  is required for all Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physician’s Assistant, and Pre-Chiropractic students.
  • ECON 2301  or ECON 2302  is required for students obtaining teacher certification.

Public Speaking (3 hours)

Component Area Options (3 hours)

Two 1- Life and Physical Science Labs are required co-requisites for the chosen science courses.

College Core Requirements (6 hours)

30 hours of upper-level credit must be a C or better.

External Department Requirement (3 hours)

Students can complete any upper-level Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology course for this requirement, but the following courses are recommended.

Core Requirements (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Major Requirements (42 hours)

HLTH 4370  requires instructor permission and has pre-requisite of HLTH 4301 

Concentration Area (12 or more hours, depending on selection)

The following HLTH courses require instructor permission, controlled access: HLTH 4309 , HLTH 4370 , HLTH 4379  and HLTH 4391  

Some non-HLTH courses have pre-requisites. 

HLTH 4370  has pre-requisite of HLTH 4301 .

Exercise Science Concentration

Choose 12 hours: 3316, 3317, and 4307 required. Upper level BIOL & PSYC are options but pre-requisites may apply.

Additional Information

  • A 3.00 GPA must be maintained for admission to UTMB’s PT Plan.
  • A 3.00 GPA must be maintained for all science and math courses.
  • No grade below a C will be accepted by UTMB’s PT Plan for any pre-requisite course.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

Students must complete all courses listed below. THREE additional upper-level hours needed from HLTH, BIOL, or PSYC, and pre-requisites may apply. 

Additional Information

Note: Elective hours will be used to fulfill deficiencies in prerequisite courses.


Elective hours may be needed to fulfill the 45 upper level/120 total hour requirements.

UHCL FHP contact: Dr. Julianna Dean, 281-283-3389,

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