Dec 07, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, B.S.

Psychology, B.S. Degree Map  

The undergraduate Psychology Program at UHCL provides a high-quality curriculum that meets student career goals and community needs. Students will receive a comprehensive overview of psychology, develop academic and critical thinking skills, reach career goals, uphold ethical standards and become life-long learners.

University Core Requirements (42 hours)

Communication (6 hours)

Mathematics (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Creative Arts (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

U.S. History (6 hours)

Government/Political Science (6 hours)

Social Behavioral Sciences (3 hours)

Public Speaking (3 hours)

Component Area Options (3 hours)

Two 1-hour Life and Physical Science Labs are required co-requisites for the chosen science courses.

College Core Requirements (12 hours)

39 hours of upper-level credit must be C or better.

Humanities Requirement (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses

Writing Requirement (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Major Requirements (39 hours)

Psychology Required Courses (12 hours + 3 hours from University Core)

For students starting after fall 2020, PSYC 2317  OR MATH 1342   is a required prerequisite for PSYC 4370  & PSYC 4371  . For PSYC 2317, the following may be substituted: MATH 1342  .

Psychology Core Courses (15 hours)

Psychology Diversity (3 hours)

Choose ONE course from the list below. Additional courses may count with adviser permission

Psychology Required Electives (6 hours)

Choose TWO 3300/4300 level Psychology courses. These may be additional courses chosen from the Psychology Core (see above).

Elective Courses (30 hours)

Choose electives from any level 1300-4300; 12 hours must be at the 3300/4300 level.