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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, B.S.W.

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Social Work, B.S.W. Degree Map  

The undergraduate program in Social Work is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. This educational program leads to the Bachelor of Social Work degree. Social work foundation content is found in nine interrelated areas: human behavior and the social environment (HBSE); social welfare policy; social work research; social work values and ethics; diversity; promoting social and economic justice; working with populations at risk; social work practice; and field placements. Considerable attention is focused on the vulnerable populations found in the Houston/Galveston metropolitan area.

The integration of content focused on diversity, values, ethics and social justice throughout the curriculum is facilitated by the adoption and implementation of the generalist practice perspective. Generalist practice applies a wide variety of theoretical perspectives reflecting an integrated bio-psycho-social approach, professional values, ethics and skills with diverse persons, families, groups, organizations and communities utilizing the Planned Change Process.

Once a student has identified social work as a major, he or she must also apply for and receive formal admission to the BSW program. Students must complete the following requirements to be eligible for consideration for formal admission to the program:

  1. Completion of essential elements of Texas Core Requirements (see University Core).
  2. Completion of Introduction to Psychology with a grade of C or higher.
  3. Completion of Introduction to Sociology with a grade of C or higher.
  4. Completion of one of the following natural science courses (with a lab): General Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; General Biology for non-science majors; or The Human Body.
  5. Completion of SWRK 3301 with a grade of C or higher.
  6. Completion of SWRK 3304 with a grade of C or higher.
  7. Cumulative grade point average of 2.500 or higher.

Students are encouraged to meet with UHCLBSW program faculty early in the process when considering a social work major in order to expedite graduation. For any updates regarding accreditation-related curricular changes, please contact the BSW program faculty.

Once all prerequisites for admission have been completed, a student may apply for formal admission to the BSW program at any time throughout the academic year. The application packet must include the following documents and information:

  1. Admission application and corresponding checklist.
  2. An unofficial copy of all college transcripts
  3. Three recommendation forms from previous instructors or work supervisors; forms are provided by the program.
  4. A 4-6 page autobiographical statement. Applicants should be certain that their autobiographical statement is a strong sample of their ability to express themselves in writing. The statement should include a description of the student’s educational, professional, and/or life goals; personal and professional objectives; social work or human service experience; contact, exposure to, or experience with diverse groups; and any other information the student believes may be important when considering his/her application for admission to the program.

Application packets are available on the BSW program website, at the HSH Office of Advising, and through program faculty.

University Core Requirements (42 hours)

Communication (6 hours)

Mathematics (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Life and Physical Sciences (6 hours)

Students must choose ONE of the following: BIOL 1306 , BIOL 1308 , or BIOL 2301 . In addition, students must choose ONE additional course from the list below.

Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

Creative Arts (3 hours)

Choose ONE of the following courses.

U.S. History (6 hours)

Government/Political Science (6 hours)

Social Behavioral Sciences (3 hours)

Grade must be C or better.

Public Speaking (3 hours)

Component Area Options (3 hours)

Two 1-hour Life and Physical Science Labs are required co-requisites for the chosen science courses.

College Core Requirements (54 hours)

54 hours of upper-level credit must be a C or better.

Core Requirement

Grade must be a C or better. Choose ONE of the following courses.

Major Requirements (60 hours)

Sociology Course (Program Prerequisite)

Grade must be C or better.

Interdisciplinary Requirements

Choose any TWO of the following courses. Students pursuing a Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate should complete WGST 1301  and/or WGST 4308  as one of their two courses.

Overview Requirement

Students must complete 2 course” or better.

Psychology Overview Option

Students pursing a Women’s Studies Certificate can take PSYC 4334  and it will count for the BSW degree and the WGST Certificate; other students may choose any course from the list below.

Anthropology Overview Option

Students interested in completing a Women’s Studies Certificate in addition to the BSW should choose either ANTH 4301  or ANTH 4341 . These courses may be taken only if they are cross listed with WGST. ANTH 4301  must have a topical focus on gender and be cross listed with WGST.

Program Prerequisites (6 hours)

Grade must be C or better.

Additional Information

Electives (15 hours)

Can be any courses at UHCL (1300/2300/3300/4300 level) Economics and Spanish courses are highly recommended. Other SWRK courses, if available, are also recommended.


Students pursuing the BSW may also complete a Women’s and Gender Studies certificate (9 SCH) or any of the UHCL minors (15 SCH) as they complete their plans of study. It is recommended that students interested in pursuing a Certificate or a minor meet with their BSW program faculty adviser as soon as possible to integrate the required courses into their BSW plan of study.

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