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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs provides support and leadership for the offices of Campus Recreation and Wellness, Career Services, Counseling Services, Dean of Students, Health Services, Orientation and New Student Programs, Student Affairs at the Pearland campus, Student Assistance Center, Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts, Student Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Student Housing and Residential Life, Student Involvement and Leadership, Student Publications and Veteran Services.

Office Location Phone
Vice President for Student Affairs Bayou 2523 281-283-3025
Campus Recreation and Wellness RWC 203 281-283-2331
Career Services SSCB 3109 281-283-2590
Counseling Services SSCB 3103 281-283-2580
Dean of Students SSCB 1201 281-283-2567
Health Services SSCB 1301 281-283-2626
Orientation and New Student Programs SSCB 1202 281-283-2420
Student Assistance Center SSCB 1102 281-283-2722
Student Conference for Research & Creative Arts Bayou 1632 281-283-3375
Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion SSCB 1203 281-283-2575
Student Housing and Residential Life Hunter Hall 281-283-2615
Student Involvement and Leadership SSCB 1204 281-283-2560
Student Publications Bayou 1239 281-283-2570
Veteran Services SSCB 3201 281-283-3071

Campus Recreation and Wellness

The Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness serves the UHCL community through physical activity, educational programming, student engagement, and overall well-being. Our core mission is student development and success. We want to help our members develop healthy habits for a healthier life that will aid in their lives after college.

The department is housed in the new, 82,000 square-foot Campus Recreation and Wellness Center(RWC), providing the UHCL community with fitness spaces and equipment, two basketball/volleyball courts, one multi-activity court, two multipurpose rooms, and a one-eighth mile indoor track. The facility also provides several social spaces for students to relax between classes or after a workout.

Members of the RWC will have access to fitness programming (personal training, group fitness, health and wellness education), intramural sports, sport clubs, outdoor activity space, and special events throughout the year. Memberships are available for non-students including faculty, staff, spouses and dependents. The Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness is the largest student employer on campus.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2330
Location RWC 203

Career Services

Career Services assists students and alumni in establishing and/or advancing their careers in their degree fields, as well as provides support in securing jobs while enrolled at UHCL.

Career Services offers UHCL students and alumni:

  • Vocational testing and assessment
  • Job search assistance
  • Mock interviews and résumé critiques
  • Résumé referrals with career services registration
  • Online job listings
  • On-campus interviewing
  • Multiple job fairs and networking events

To prepare our students for the competitive job market, UHCL also offers a Cooperative Education (Co-op) program. This program readies students for their careers through a graded, for credit course, which requires working in a paid position related to the student’s field of study.

The Co-op program offers:

  • Enriched student learning through experiences gained from performing work assignments and developing professional skills in a work setting.
  • Two work plans. The alternating plan allows students to alternate semesters of full-time classes with cooperative education work experiences. This “parallel” plan allows students to work part-time while attending classes.
  • Students must be degree-seeking and meet academic eligibility requirements as defined by the individual colleges. When enrolled in a cooperative education course, students are considered full-time for the purposes of enrollment verification, but not for purposes of determining eligibility for veterans benefits or financial aid.

Before participating in on-campus job interviewing, students are required to complete a Career Services or Co-op registration. Individual assistance is available by appointment and during walk in hours. All other services are available during regular office hours Monday - Tuesday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Wednesday -Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2590
Email OR
Location SSCB 3109

Counseling Services


The mission of UHCL Counseling Services is to help students fulfill their goals by fostering connections with and among members of the university community, facilitating the discovery and realization of power in their strengths and developing the ability to address emotional and psychological challenges.

The licensed professionals in Counseling Services provide a variety of free and confidential services including individual, couples and group therapy for a variety of personal concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, family issues, substance abuse, grief/loss, trauma, body image, eating disorders, cultural and identity concerns, and adjusting to UHCL.

Additional services include psychiatry services, the MindSpa and biofeedback, outreach, consultation, support groups, and presentations/workshops. Visit our website for self-help resources including instructions to log into WellTrack interactive self-help therapy, take a mental health screening, or use relaxation exercises.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2580
Location SSCB 3103

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office serves as the “central hub” for all on campus, student related issues.

When a student joins UHCL, they become part of a community that promotes civility, respect and ethical behavior toward everyone, and in every situation. The Dean of Students Office strives to provide a safe and respectful educational environment that lends itself to learning by serving as an advocate and liaison for UHCL’s students, faculty, staff and parents.

The Dean of Students Office also provides referrals and support for students experiencing difficulties or in need of professional assistance with issues including resolving concerns and conflicts; implementing student policies; and, resolving disputes and disciplinary problems. Through the interpretation and facilitation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Dean of Students Office holds all students to the highest standards of honor, character and excellence.

We also offer the following support services to assist our students in achieving their academic and co-curricular objectives:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emergency Support Resources
  • Behavior and Conduct
  • Parent and Family Resources

Student Travel Policy

The University of Houston System Travel Policy guides and directs all student travel. This policy, titled “Student Travel” (University of Houston System Administrative Memorandum - 03.E.08), is administered by the Office of the Dean of Students.

The purpose of the policy is stated as follows:

“This document outlines the policy to minimize risks of liability connected with travel by students of component universities. This policy applies to travel in excess of 25 miles that is undertaken by one or more students presently enrolled in a component university. Travel must be organized and sponsored by the component university and funded by the institution. The vehicles must be owned by the institution or an organization registered at the institution.”

Copies of the policy are available upon request at the Dean of Students office or online at the Dean of Students’ website.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2567
Location SSCB 1201

Division of Student Affairs at University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland

The Division of Student Affairs at University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland works in collaboration with its counterpart offices at the Clear Lake campus to coordinator services and programs that enhance the learning environment and contribute to the student’s academic and personal success. Pearland Student Affairs provides information, resources and services for the offices of Campus Recreation and Wellness, Career Services, Counseling Services, Dean of Students, Health Services, Orientation and New Student Programs, Student Assistance Center, Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts, Student Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Student Housing and Residential Life, Student Involvement and Leadership, Student Publications, Veterans Services and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

For more information:

Phone 281-212-1679
Location Room P152, Pearland Academic Building (PAB) 1200 Pearland Parkway, Pearland, TX;77581

Health Services

Health Services provides a wide range of professional services to the UHCL student population. It is dedicated to promoting good health, providing emergency services and short-term medical treatment to any student who becomes ill or injured.

Health Services includes both women’s health care and general medical clinics, complete laboratory services and a limited pharmacy. Students may receive flu shots, immunizations, TB screening and routine injections. Nurses are readily available to answer health questions on a walk-in basis. Health Services also provides prevention programs including screenings and health education. A chiropractic clinic as well as physician evaluations are also available by appointment only.

Enrolled undergraduate students with six or more credit hours, or graduate students enrolled in three or more credit hours, are eligible for student health insurance coverage within the posted open enrollment period. Literature detailing the approved student health insurance plan is available at the Health Services clinic and on the website page. International students are required to have health insurance, and are charged automatically at the beginning of each semester. International students may have this insurance requirement waived if documented proof of an appropriate, alternative health insurance plan is provided by the AHP Student Health Insurance Company online (See Health Services Webpage for more information).

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2626
Location SSCB 1301

Orientation and New Student Programs

A comprehensive orientation into UHCL is offered prior to each semester (including summer) for both undergraduate and graduate students. New undergraduate students must attend this mandatory program, which addresses topics including how to utilize the available UHCL resources, connecting to the UHCL academic environment and learning how to make the most of campus life. Students are also given the opportunity to tour the campus, as well as meet with faculty, staff, and other students.

All new international students are required to attend New International Student Orientation. This orientation is mandatory for undergraduate and graduate international students. This program will assist your successful transition to UHCL and includes opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and other students.

On-going support is provided through a variety of transition programs including Weeks of Welcome, Midterms and Finals events. Orientation and New Student Programs collaborates with different resources on campus to offer intentional activities that support success.

International students, please refer to the Office of International Admissions and Programs orientation information at:

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2420
Location SSCB 1202

Student Assistance Center (SAC)

The Student Assistance Center (SAC) is a multi-service center designed to answer questions about campus services and to provide guidance in navigating university policies, procedures and resources. SAC offers advocacy, referral, and support for matters relating to admissions, registration, financial aid, student billing, academic support, course drop/withdrawal, student records, transcripts, E-Services, Hawk Card services, foster care alumni services, student affairs, and general university information. SAC operates the Bayou Building HAWK Help Desk, and supports students enrolled in online classes and student enrolled at off-campus locations. SAC strives to educate and empower students in making informed decisions concerning their academic and personal pursuits.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2722
Location SSCB 1202

Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts

The Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts is an affordable student event where students from any college or university present their original research projects and works in a variety of formats from any discipline. The program provides students with a forum to showcase their skills in a supportive, academic and professional setting.

Numerous faculty members have incorporated this conference and its presentations into their course curriculum by requiring students to either present, attend or volunteer - effectively bridging student affairs and UHCL academics. The conference provides students with the opportunity to deliver compelling academic presentations before their peers, as well as provides those who are simply in attendance with invaluable exposure to thought-provoking works. The conference engages the diverse UHCL community in discussion - an activity that echoes UHCL’s mission statement.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-3375
Location Bayou 1632

Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (SDEI)

SDEI provides advocacy, guidance, and support to enhance student success. The SDEI staff promotes the persistence and empowerment of a diverse student population, which includes race, color, sex (including pregnancy), religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, genetic information or sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, first-generation, and all other historically underrepresented student populations. Through its educational programming and services, SDEI facilitates the growth of culturally competent, respectful, global citizens.

UHCL SDEI Programming and Cultural Services

  • Student Advocacy - Any student seeking general advice or assistance with concerns or problems, may request assistance from the SDEI staff. Staff members serve as an advisory resource to all individuals and groups of students, including underrepresented, first-generation, marginalized, international, LGBTQ+, and women populations.
  • Student Ambassador Program - SDEI Student Ambassadors serve as peer leaders advocating for all students.
  • Cultural Resource Center - SDEI maintains a collection of periodicals, books, training manuals, newsletters, audiotapes and videos on an assortment of cultural topics.
  • Cultural Programs/Festivals - SDEI celebrates diversity on campus with a variety of cultural programs designed to enhance campus community members’ understanding of different cultural practices, beliefs and histories/herstories.
  • Student Organizations - Staff members provide support to ethnic and cultural student organizations and their events.
  • Transition and Retention Programs - SDEI offers programs specific to the needs of first-generation students to help them navigate the higher education system and ease their transition into college.
  • Gen One Circle - GenOne Circle is a learning community created to help incoming first-generation students transition, adjust, and negotiate the campus environment which promotes a successful academic and social experiences.

UHCL SDEI Women’s and LGBTQ+ Services

The SDEI Office offers women’s services designed to promote gender equality and awareness. Advocacy and support programs are open to all those who are interested in women’s and LGBTQ+ issues.

  • Women’s Programming - includes increasing awareness of sexual assault, the contributions of women throughout their story; and, health issues including breast cancer and heart disease.
  • LGBTQ+ Programming - includes Pride Week and activities honoring days of recognition such as National Coming Out Day and Trans Day of Remembrance.

UHCL SDEI Training

The SDEI Office offers training workshops including those that promote cultural competency for leaders, social justice awareness, allyship, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. These trainings-examine the meaning social identities hold for us as individuals, explore the dynamics of the difference as they relate to diversity and social justice, and focus on inclusion, diversity, and multicultural issues prevalent in higher education. These training workshops provide participants with the tools needed to reduce barriers and create a more inclusive environment at UHCL. All workshops are open to UHCL faculty, staff and students.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2575
Location SSCB 1203

Student Housing and Residential Life

Living on campus involves much more than just having a place to sleep. Student Housing and Residential Life provides a “home away from home” environment and experience that fosters academic excellence and personal development in an inclusive and engaged community.

In Fall 2019, we expanded our housing options with a new suite-style residence hall (Hunter Hall).Residing in the heart of the UHCL campus, Hunter Hall offers students a safe (electronic swipe access) living and learning environment with nearby access to many campus resources including SSCB, Bayou, and the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Your classes are just a short walk away from your hall.

Hunter Hall is comprised of both suite-style rooms, and a limited number of single rooms with a private bathroom. The suite style option includes a double room with two residents sharing the room, or a single room connected by a bathroom. Residents will also have access to a fully furnished room, study lounges, a community kitchen, Wi-Fi/high-speed internet, utilities (included), on-site laundry facilities (included in housing fee), and an outside patio area. As your “home away from home” we strive to meet your needs as a student and whole person.

A Residential Life Coordinator (professional staff) and several Resident Advisers (student staff) live on-site, throughout the hall. Our staff is here to help assist you succeed both academically and socially. From offering hands-on guidance and valuable life skills to providing fun high-impact programs and initiatives, our staff is here to serve, challenge, and support you. We want you to find your place at UHCL.

We hope you will take advantage of this on-campus housing opportunity to Live in a safe and inclusive community of your peers, Learn more about yourself, and Engage with the campus community as a whole. Hunter Hall is here to help you live, learn, and stay engaged on campus.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2615
Web or
Location Hunter Hall

University Forest Apartments (UFA)

UFA is located on campus, just a short walk to classes and campus activities. UFA accommodates a community of 288 students, and offers apartment-style living with three private or semi-private floorplans. Each apartment has a full kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven. The housing installment includes wireless internet, furniture (select floor plans), electricity allowance and water/sewer. Residents also have access to onsite amenities such as a study room, swimming pool and spa, clubhouse, sand volleyball court, barbeque pavilion, and much more within the pet-friendly, gated community.

UFA believes its responsibility extends beyond just lodging for its residents. UFA strives to create a total residential living environment that enhances university life, while creating a supportive community for the residents during a key stage in their personal and educational development. The UFA offers a memorable campus experience where students have fun, make friends, have access to support when needed, and develop crucial life skills - all while achieving their academic goals.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-5959
Web or
Location 2600 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, TX 77058

Student Involvement and Leadership

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides programs and services designed to enrich and support educational experiences through opportunities to express ideas; develop leadership skills; and, meet new people. The department works directly with the Student Government Association, students organizations, leadership development programs, the Campus Activities Board, and activities rich in spirit and tradition.

Student Organizations and Student Government Association (SGA)

There are approximately 100 student organizations recognized at UHCL, which represent most of the academic program areas and majors, as well as social, recreational and religious interests. The Student Government Association (SGA), with representation from each organization, funds and assists student organizations. The SGA also appoints students to university committees and conveys student concerns and initiatives to the university administration.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership supports the varied activities of the organizations through leadership development programs, space allocations and fund disbursement. All students are encouraged to participate in the activities of these organizations.

Activities and Spirit Programs

There are a variety of activities and spirit programs on campus, including Campus Activities Board, Film and Speaker Series, Leadership Workshop Series, I HEART UHCL, Lighting of the Letters, and our oldest campus tradition: the annual Chili Cook-Off.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership also provides the following services:

  • Locker Rentals
  • Student ID Cards
  • Ticket Sales and Posting Approval
  • Student Organization and Student Government Association

Honor Societies

UHCL’s honor societies recognize the student’s academic excellence and achievement. The honor societies are affiliated with national organizations, where students are invited to become members based on the standards recognized by these chartering organizations. Some societies recognize accomplishments within specific disciplines, while Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa honor students from all academic disciplines.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2560
Location SSCB 1204

Student Publications

The student newspaper, The Signal, is a digital newspaper published through the joint efforts of a paid student staff, students enrolled in the COMM 4665 Media Production class, and the contributions of an engaged student, faculty and staff campus community. The Signal is published year-round to provide news, features, entertainment, and opinion pieces concerning university events and issues. The newspaper serves as a public forum, and encourages students, faculty and staff to submit contributed articles, essays, visuals, story ideas and comments.

The Signal has received numerous awards in state and national collegiate competitions from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press Association. Online issues of The Signal and submission guidelines can be found at the website below. The Signal is also available on web-enabled phones.

For more information:

Phone 281-283-2570
Location Bayou 1239

Veteran Services

It is the mission of the Capt. Wendell M. Wilson Office of Veteran Services to help veterans and their dependents flourish in their higher education pursuits. We act as a liaison between the military-connected student, the school, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Texas Veterans Commission in order to ensure these goals are reached. Our staff members are committed to assisting veterans and their eligible dependents with federal or state education benefits gained through military service.

Military-connected students entering UHCL should contact the Capt. Wendell M. Wilson Office of Veteran Services immediately to establish their benefits in a timely manner. For one-on-one counseling regarding your benefits, contact us directly at or by phone at 281-283-3071.

Services include:

  • Providing certification of enrollment for the following federal benefits: Post 9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Reservist Educational Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program and Dependent Educational Assistance.
  • Processing of Hazlewood Exemptions and Hazlewood Legacy Act.
  • Determining eligibility for House Bill 269 (military service credit).
  • Establishing residency for those who are receiving federal or state veteran education benefits.

For information regarding veteran services for undergraduate students, see Undergraduate Information -Veteran Services

For information regarding veteran services for graduate students, see Graduate Information - Veteran Service

For more information:

Phone 281-283-3071
Location SSCB 3201